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Many classrooms are gaining access to handheld devices like iPods and iPads. We all assume these are great learning tools, and yet without proper training we are likely to miss out on many of the cool features these tools have to offer. In my own experience my iPad is used to play learning games and I desire for it to be a more comprehensive learning tool. More information about finding appropriate apps for the iPad can be found in a prior post on this blog by Kalyn C. entitled Selecting Apps for your Course and Activities.

In his blog post entitled Nearpod on Learn NC’s Instructify Blog, Johnathan Bartels tells readers of a free iPad app called Nearpod. This app is a presentation program like Powerpoint, Prezi, or presentations in Google Drive. The nearpod blog post is extremely brief, but does outline the main functions of Nearpod. Nearpod synchronizes…

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